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Therapy Options That Fit Your Situation

I work with a families with children and, adolescents, women of all ages, schools, and community groups.

I’m a Board-Approved Supervisor for Clinical Social Work and a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor.

I don’t provide couples therapy, or individual therapy with men.

I offer Therapy as diverse as the People I serve. What’s your situation?

Are You A Family With A Child Or Adolescent?

Are you a family looking to relate better to your child with special needs, to build stronger relationships, better understanding, and overcome challenges? Schedule some time with me, and we’ll find a therapy solution that fits your situation and your child. I also have short-term, home-based therapy options, and not many do.

 Have An Adolescent Who Needs Special Attention?

Do you have an adolescent in your life that is needing time, attention, and help? Let me know your situation, and we can find a pathway to helping your adolescent get what they need.

Are You A Woman?

As a woman, there are so many powerful therapy methods available for us, covering a variety of needs. Life transition, grief and loss, eating disorders, and trauma are not something you have to carry alone. Let’s talk.

With A School?

I work with schools to develop school-wide, class-wide, or individual plans with staff and help them implement, train, and oversee those customized plans for their students. The focus is on helping students learn sensory, social, and emotional regulation, overcome challenges, connect to others, and then see their ability to learn skyrocket. There are a lot of options for you, if you’re a school.

A Community Group?

If you need customized training related to children or adolescents for groups of teachers, professionals, or parents, I can help. I’ve worked with community organizations ranging from University of Houston to local churches, non-profits, early childhood centers, and women’s groups. Need a staff training? Continuing education for teachers, SLPs, CSW, or LCSWs? Give me a call!

Need Something Else?

Are you looking for something that hasn’t been mentioned here as a family with a child, a woman, or a school or community group? Please contact me, and we can find a therapy option that makes sense for your situation, or I can refer you.

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